Your reference should complete this form seal it in an envelope sign his or her name across the seal on the outside of the envelope and return it to you to include with the application you send to AmeriCorps. R I do not recommend this applicant for AmeriCorps service. CONFIDENTIALITY STATEMENT r I AUTHORIZE the program and/or the Corporation for National Service to identify me as the source of this reference and to release a copy of this reference in its entirety upon request to the...
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Hello. I'd like to welcome you to this webinar, End of Service Transition: Preparing for Life After AmeriCorps. I'm your host, Andy King. If you're almost done with your VISTA service, congratulations. And now the question is, do you know what you're doing next? It's okay if you don't yet know what you'll be doing after service. The important thing is that you've started to think about life after VISTA and that you're ready to learn about some options as well as the administrative steps to closing out of your VISTA term of service. In this session, we'll give some advice about how to keep your project going after you are gone. Supporting this session is Jessica Knight, who will be monitoring the Q&A and the Chat panels with me. And our producer is Andy Clark. We have a great lineup of presenters participating in today's session. First I'd like to welcome my colleague Molly Pelzer from the VISTA Training Unit, who will be leading the presentation. Jennifer Brooks is Team Lead at the VISTA Member Support Unit, and she will be sharing tips and answering questions about your end of service requirements and your benefits. Then we have two VISTA alumni who will both be sharing more about their own experiences transitioning to life after VISTA. Ryan Cassutt served as a VISTA member in 2010, and after his year of service decided to pursue a Master of Public Policy degree at the University of Southern California. Ryan has also been active with the AmeriCorps Alums network, and even served as a Board member. After serving as a VISTA member in 2007, Debra Lytle went on to serve in AmeriCorps and CCC and then eventually transitioned into a job at the CNCS Pennsylvania State Office, in a role where she currently supports VISTA members. We'll be hearing from both Ryan and Debra a little bit later on, but now I'm going to turn it over to Molly Pelzer. Great. Thank you so much, Andy. Hello, everyone, and thank you for joining us today. As your VISTA service comes to an end, there are many things that will demand your attention. You are probably thinking about what needs to be done to wrap up your project and make a clean handoff. Maybe you've moved for service, and you might find yourself moving again soon. And perhaps you're trying to figure out a job or school as your next path. Well, we'll talk about all of these topics and more on today's webinar. We'll start by covering what you need to do in order to wrap up your service year, and then look ahead to the many different opportunities, decisions and benefits you will have to consider in your life after VISTA. We have a lot of information and tips for you, so during the session today we have built in two designated times for Q&A to answer your questions live, and also as Andy mentioned this seminar will be recorded and posted to the VISTA Campus for later reference. Before we start talking about what you'd like to do after service, let's take just a minute and review what you'll need to do to...